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Biography Turbo Ducks

The group Turbo Ducks was founded in 1990 during the rise of the then less known music style "Dutch hardcore" by band members Eric, Marky's and Barteq. Soon Sasha, Mattheu and Ox joined them. Together they rocked youth centers, barns and appeared at little festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands.

With the rise of Trance and the milder sound Hardstyle the Dutch hardcore went underground and the members decided with pain in their hearts to call it quits. Marky´s and Ox continued making music as the duo "Ox n´ Marky´s". Eric also stayed involved in the music industry as a technichian and programmaker/dj with his own radio show "Music Train" he has also found his way as songwriter. Barteq, Sasha and matthue quit the musicworld all together.

The intention of the group has been always to have a big party not to make their own music all tough they talked regularly about it, they never made their own music. But with the rise of "Dutch hardcore" in the USA and a duct movie called "New kids" they found each other again and started talking about the good old days, during those talks the idea rise again to make music of their own. With the record label "De L'Lsle Records", where Ox n´ Marky´s are under contract, they started producing remixes and there own music. There are currently five productions on the market and the intention to make a debut album.

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