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the Real avatar Ānáng

Briefly together.

After having been sitting in an ice ball for a hundred years, Katara and Sokka freed air bender Ānáng. Fire Lord Sozin has used the absence of the Avatar to gain power over the world, so that only one great Fire kingdom remains where he will be the Chief king.
To bring the world back into balance, Ānáng fought against the fire nation, along with water bender Katara, martial master Sokka, Earth bender Toph and Prince Zukko the Fire bender.
Now that Ānáng has defeated the Fire Lord Sozin, (by decreasing his fire bending) the Earth and its rich are slowly coming back into balance.

The four cultures.

The Earth Kingdom, the Water tribe, the fire nation and the air nomads.
In a row.

 Earth Kingdom:
  Vigorously grounded to the ground, nothing in return. Good sense of humor.

 Water tribe:
  Agile are changeable and go with the flow. By setters and helpful.

 Fire nations:
  Master in controlling the inner fire, once outside they keep the control perfectly.
  Honor and family are paramount.

 Air Nomads:
  The free spirit, thoughtless, free of gravity (haha 🤣 gravity) friendly and underestimated.

Avatar, the meaning.

The meaning Avatar, in Sanskrit: अवतार, Avatāra. Literally this means the descending.
It is in Hinduism an incarnation, appearance or manifestation of a certain deity.
The manifestation comes upon earth when Justice (Dharma) is threatened and evil threatens to get the overhand. The Avatar restores the desired cosmic order, so that people will again be able to act correctly.

Ānáng, the meaning.

The meaning is too profound and difficult to translate when you understand it. But so it is easier to explain and comes close.

*Ān* means: Turn danger into softly.

  The most entertaining explanation for this is that I can change the devil in an angel.

*áng* means: Fearless and militant.

  Not afraid.
  And very much want to do your best to achieve your goal.
  In this case combative is a better word, but more unfriendly.

Appa and Momo.

Many ask me if Appa and Momo also come.
No, unfortunately not. I do miss them very much. Why? Because the law is not allowed to use animals, just like the circus. I cannot do that either.
So I fly with Appa and Momo from place to place and leave them behind at monks. They take care of them until I get back.

1879 Ānáng